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Migration to Equinix Platform

Products & Services FAQs

*An Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) is how Equinix refers to its data centers. IBXs provide access to vital ecosystems where major networks, enterprises and business partners interconnect to each other and to more than 1,800+ available networks.

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Managed Router Services

What is the Managed Router Services Bundle (MRS)?  

I have purchased a bundle that includes colocation and Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS). Where do I go for Equinix Customer Support related to this bundle with Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS)?  

What alternative IP transit providers are available in MI1?  

Will my services be impacted?  

How can I find out who provides IP Transit service in my IBX?  

Equinix Connect

What is Equinix Connect?  

When will Equinix Connect be available?  

Intra-Facility Cable (IFC)

What is an IFC?  

Can the IFC be ordered through the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)? If so, how do I place an order?  

What information is needed to order an IFC?  

What if I don’t know my IFC-ID for the A-side?  

What changes are being made to demarcation standards due to the acquisition?  

Does an IFC need to be ordered prior to a cross connect?  

Which IBX data centers require the IFC to be ordered prior to ordering cross connects?  

Are separate fees required for the Intra-facility Cable (IFC) or cross connect when connecting to the Equinix Internet Exchange?  

Can IFCs be ordered individually or do they come in bundles?  

Internet Exchange

What is the Equinix Internet Exchange (IX)?  

Will Equinix continue to offer Internet Exchange service at Miami and São Paulo IBX data centers?  

What port speeds and interface types does Equinix support on the Internet Exchange?  

Does Equinix support link aggregation for IX ports?  

Is there a service level agreement (SLA) on the Equinix Internet Exchange?  

Does Equinix have a portal for the Internet Exchange service?  

How do I get support for Equinix IX technical or operational issues?  

How can I order new or additional IX ports? Is there capacity available?  

Does Equinix offer any private VLAN options?  

Does Equinix have route-servers for the IX service?  

Does Equinix offer any Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protections?  

Does Equinix offer any participant mailing-lists so I can share operational information with all of them?  

Will Equinix send me IX maintenance and service disruption notifications?  

What other changes can I expect related to IX?  


Why is Equinix decommissioning the muxing/demuxing service?  

When will service cease for muxing/demuxing?  

Can I cancel muxing/demuxing services prior to the contract expiration?  


Will there be any difference in my Remote Hands and/or Smart Hands service after moving to ECO?  

Why is Equinix decommissioning Verizon Remote Hands service?  

Why is Equinix decommissioning Verizon Smart Hands service?  

Verizon Remote Hands pricing was lower than Verizon Smart Hands. What will my new Equinix Smart Hands service pricing be?  

I had a Verizon Remote Hands and/or Verizon Smart Hands Support Plan. What will happen to those plans?  

Will there be any difference in how the support plans work?  

I had a Verizon Hands and Eyes Support Plan. What will I transition to?  

Power Overage

What is the power overage charge?  

Why is Equinix removing the charge?  

Cooling Premium

What is the cooling premium charge?  

Why is Equinix removing the charge?  

Equinix Marketplace

What is the Equinix Marketplace?  

Why should I use Marketplace?  

How do I register for an Equinix Marketplace account?  

When will I be able to search for and view the former Verizon data center customer locations in Marketplace?