Billing FAQs

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What is the new bank account information?  

What will new invoices from Equinix look like?  

What options do I have for viewing my invoice?  

Whom should I contact with general invoice questions?  

When can I expect my Equinix invoice?  

If I have questions about my bills/invoices sent to me before May 1, 2017, who can I contact?  

If I am a customer of both Verizon and Equinix, which pricing platform can I expect to use moving forward?  

If I am a Verizon customer with a pre-existing contract, will it be honored under its current terms or will we need a new contract with Equinix?  

If I am a Verizon customer, will I be able to keep the current terms and SLAs in my contract with Verizon if I need a new contract with Equinix?