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Equinix Application Platform

Deliver value in short, quick development cycles

Containerized applications and microservices have become the standard in software development. Our container runtime platform makes working with containerized applications easier.


Run your applications everywhere

  • The Equinix Application Platform (EQAP) is a container runtime platform based on Docker and Kubernetes
  • Provides an ecosystem that simplifies the running of applications in different clouds
  • Suitable both for running existing applications (re-packaged in containers) and for continuous delivery of micro services and cloud-native applications with DevOps teams

Flexible deployment of containers

  • Enable virtualization with containers
  • Kubernetes helps to virtualize at the operating system level instead of the entire hardware stack
  • Containers are simple, lightweight and portable
  • Portability enables flexible deployment of containers on various operating systems and in public, private and hybrid clouds
  • More efficient, robust applications and operating systems