Equinix SmartKey®

Security control for all clouds

Equinix SmartKey, a global SaaS-based, secure key management and cryptography service, offered on cloud-neutral Platform Equinix®, simplifies data protection across any cloud architecture.

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Eliminate risk of key compromise

Key secrecy, evenfrom service providers and government or state officials, in shared infrastructure

Achieve GDPR compliance & data sovereignty

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—key management with regional isolation

Gain predictable consumption

Hardware Security Management (HSM)-Grade Securityin an easy-to-use cloud service

Obtain efficient application integration

Rapid, easy integration regardless of where data resides

Enhance performance

Key storage close to critical applications at the digital edge, whether in cloud or on-premises

Meet GRC standards

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) compliant SaaS


  • Unified and uniform HSM/Key Management Service (KMS) withcloud-like agility
  • “SaaS” capabilities, Holistic HSM security and Intel SGX (Software Guard Extension) Technology
  • Flexible deployment at the digital edge with seamless data migration
  • HSM-grade security and centralized tamper-proof logging designed for scale
  • SSL/TLS server integration closes the encryption gap and keeps all keys within the trust boundary

Hardware Security Management Redefined

A hardware security module (HSM) is a dedicated network computer that protects the cryptographic infrastructure of organizations by safeguarding and managing digital keys. Equinix SmartKey™ powered by Fortanix is an HSM service that provides secure key management and cryptography, simplifying provisioning and control of encryption keys.


Distribute securityto solve scale and integration challenges. Takean interconnection-first approach, combined with a zero-trust model, tocontrol business communication and integration through traffic exchange points.

Securely Store and Manage Encryption Keys

Key Management as a Service

This 451 Research Pathfinder Report summarizes key technical and use-case attributes of key management-as-a-service, a fundamental approach to securely managing data in the cloud.

Protect your enterprise in the hybrid multicloud environment

Reimagine security of all clouds and find out how Equinix SmartKey® can help simplify data protection across cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud properties.