The Digital Ambitions of IT Decision-Makers in Dutch Hospitals and Healthcare Ecosystems

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 Information and communication technologies (ICT) directors of Dutch hospitals and Equinix infrastructure experts collaborated to find innovative solutions that would enable the healthcare sector in the Netherlands to aim for an agile infrastructure. What objectives should IT professionals in healthcare focus on in the short or long term? What requirements does a hospital have on the IT investments that are made? What role does COVID-19 play in overcoming these challenges? Find out some of the trends and solutions in this whitepaper.


  • Adoption of technological innovations has gained momentum since the outbreak of COVID-19
  • 80% of respondents indicate that developing eHealth applications is the number one priority
  • Data-driven decision-making and improvement of data exchange between organizations are other top priorities of healthcare IT decision-makers
  • A flexible IT infrastructure with secure interconnections ensures secure data exchange between healthcare providers, doctors and other parties
  • There is a need for hiring more digital talent in healthcare in the future
Our IT dream is to take the current life of data collection to the next level. We would prefer to be completely unburdened with the help of IT. For example, by using smart technologies such as AI, we would like to support the doctor better. This to enable us to pay more attention to our patients.
– Maasstad Hospital team, “The Digital Ambitions of IT Decision-Makers in Dutch Hospitals and Healthcare Ecosystems,” November 2020

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