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Build Virtual Edge Presence in an Afternoon – Tech Talk

In this 15-minute Tech Talk, Michel Ludolph, Senior Solutions Architect at Equinix will review how to create a virtual edge presence to quickly enable connectivity to destinations beyond your network. Keeping your customers and employees connected—with quality equipment, optimal network and functioning applications—can be difficult and time-consuming. Learn how you can solve challenges for your organization and workforce for business continuity.


  • How to deploy virtual network presence in relevant markets globally in minutes
  • How to easily connect your new virtual presence to external destinations
  • How to connect your virtual presence into your existing corporate network


Michel Ludolph, Global Solutions Architect, Equinix, The Netherland

Michel is an industry veteran for over 20 years and has worked with a broad range of technologies. He started as a network specialist with a large telecom provider and subsequently worked as a consultant in the financial, energy and aviation industry. During this time, Michel mainly focused on security and application performance and then returned as an architect in the telecom sector. Michel currently works as a Global Solutions Architect at Equinix where he advises customers on interconnectivity challenges with a focus on Edge and Cloud technologies.

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