Equinix Sustainability Report 2018

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This Sustainability Report from Equinix shows how our organization performs on environmental, social and governance objectives and details the strategies and results of our efforts to be a sustainable company. Equinix is dedicated to powering, protecting and connecting the organizations and ecosystems that will shape this new era, and doing so sustainably and responsibly.


  • Prioritize responsible energy usage and high standards of safety.
  • Commit to protecting against external threats such as climate change and data security.
  • Evaluate our ESG programs to increase the benefits they bring in a changing world.
  • Accept responsibility for our proportional share of GHG emissions and the need for urgent reduction.
  • Business continuity
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Platform Equinix
  • Hybrid Multicloud
  • Equinix Fabric™
  • Distributed Data
  • IBX
  • Digital Transformation
  • Distributed Security
  • Internet Exchange
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Digital Transformation
  • Application Optimization
  • Network Service Providers