Case Study

Elektrobit Boosts Data intake, Upload Speeds with Interconnection at the Edge

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Automated vehicles record and process massive amounts of data daily with simulations and high-capacity sensors. For Elektrobit, a global supplier of connected software for the automotive industry, the biggest challenge was how to securely store, transfer and process these large amounts of data. The interconnection-first approach, deployed on Platform Equinix®, provided Elektrobit the fastest and most stable option available. Find out how Equinix, with its global data centers and digital edge presence, boosted efficiency, performance, reliability and security for Elektrobit.

Partnering with Equinix brings not only scalability, but it also removes infrastructure redundancy and allows direct and flexible access to cloud partners like Microsoft Azure. This guarantees improved mobility, collaboration and a more reliable test process for our customers.
Martin Schleicher
Executive Vice President Business Management, Elektrobit
  • Distributed Security
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Digital Transformation
  • Distributed Data