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IDC Research: Digital Transformation of Manufacturing in the Netherlands

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The manufacturing industry in the Netherlands is dedicated to digital transformation and aims to connect users to supply ecosystems with better customer engagement technologies and business models. This IDC report documents the state of digital transformation in the Dutch manufacturing industry and emphasizes the need to support the evolving business strategies with an updated IT infrastructure and a reassessment – and possibly change – of the connectivity setup.


The Dutch manufacturing industry must:
  • Embrace disruptive technologies, especially IoT and AI to stay competitive
  • Revisit their network and connectivity strategy to support a multi-cloud environment for business continuity
  • Establish an agile technology platform, capable of turning large amounts of data into valuable insights
  • Explore how to engage customers, and possibly change the business model or monetize production data
The ambition of Smart Industry is that the Netherlands will have one of the most flexible and best digitally connected supplier networks of Europe by 2021, enabling the companies involved to achieve substantial energy and material savings and contribute to a competitive and sustainable economy.
- Peter van Harten, Industry Expert, member of the steering committee and Smart Industry Ambassador of the Smart Industry Program

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