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IDC - Cloud 2.0—Catch the Next Wave with a Hybrid Multicloud Strategy

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Today’s top-performing organizations are benefiting from hybrid and multicloud scenarios. By blending their traditional IT systems with the power of both public and private clouds, businesses in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) are better equipped to address the challenges of disparate environments. Read this APAC-specific research report from IDC and get access to the latest market research trends for the region on hybrid multicloud adoption.


  • Better cost management of hyperscale and geographic requirements of service delivery through multicloud options.
  • Multicloud options will boost performance, increase business velocity and help organizations adapt to changing markets.
  • Cloud management models will help to effectively manage and optimize on- and off-premises clouds.
By 2021, 60% of CIOs will deliver 'agile connectivity' via APIs and architectures that interconnect digital solutions from cloud vendors, system developers, startups, and others.
Dr. William Lee
Research Director, Cloud Services Research, IDC

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