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IDC - 3rd Platform–Enabled Digital Transformation Strategies Require Interconnection-Oriented Architecture

Business and IT leaders in traditional, cloud immigrant companies are feeling the heat from external and internal stakeholders to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, drive business productivity and industrialize innovation. To do so, enterprises must create and deliver business value at faster and greater scale. Such a digital transformation is possible by enabling interconnection-first IT architectures and frameworks that accelerate innovation, velocity and agility — what IDC calls the 3rd Platform, the new paradigm for business-enabling IT.


IT must be sufficiently scalable and flexible to support:

  • Mobility requirements of business ecosystem participants (people)
  • Always-on needs of growing and changing global business operations (locations)
  • Connectivity requirements of IT multi-sourcing providers (clouds) and ecosystem partners

The 3rd Platform yields more efficient business operations, new products and services, new ways of engaging with customers, and improved business decision making — essential elements of business competitiveness.

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