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Playbooks, Blueprints and Design Patterns for Digital Transformation

Architect for the Digital Edge

See how to become a digital-ready enterprise by leveraging a global interconnection platform.

IOA™ Playbook

IOA™ Playbook

Built for architects, informed by experts, the IOA Playbook is a proven and repeatable “how-to” guide to digitally transform your strategy.

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IOA™ Roadmap PDF screenshot

IOA™ Roadmap

See how digital enterprises can prepare for the future by starting their journey with these five transformation steps.

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Fundamental Platform Blueprints

Get the building blocks to re-architect a centralized, siloed and fixed infrastructure into a configurable distributed IT infrastructure.

Solutions for Traditional Workloads

See how Platform Equinix® enables enterprises to build solutions for traditional workloads across global industries.

Industry Blueprints

Build transformative solutions that address key challenges for each step throughout your digital transformation.