EMEA data centers

Densest concentration of access to EMEA's leading financial, telecommunications, manufacturing and commercial ecosystems.

Dynamic connections to 2,950+ cloud and IT services, 1,800+ networks, 1,250+ financial services, and 600+ content and media services providers.

Equinix has 220+ International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in 63 major metros worldwide.

  • Bulgaria

    • Sofia

      Major outsourcing location and digital hub linking Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

  • Finland

    • Helsinki

      Ideal for high-speed connectivity across Scandinavia, the Baltic regions and Russia.

  • France

    • Paris

      One of Europe's largest consumer markets and a strategic hub to access subsea cable connections to MENA.

    • Bordeaux

      BX1 in Bordeaux offers customers secure, resilient colocation and interconnection services along with the ability to leverage our Paris ecosystem via Equinix Fabric™.

  • Germany

    • Dusseldorf

      Transport hub between Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Germany, and a major industrial region.

    • Frankfurt

      Leading European financial center and hub for commerce and manufacturing.

    • Munich

      Industrial powerhouse supporting a dense concentration of automotive, engineering, and media enterprises.

    • Hamburg

      Equinix Hamburg offers a carrier-neutral colocation facility with a choice of networks for peering and transit, including access to cloud providers.

  • Ireland

    • Dublin

      Leading digital city attracting the world's leading technology providers and enterprises.

  • Italy

    • Milan

      The economic and financial heart of Italy and center of digital business in Southern Europe.

  • Netherlands

    • Amsterdam

      Europe's most cloud-dense and highly connected city, offering low-latency connectivity to the rest of the world.

    • Enschede

      Regional hub supporting domestic and international applications including business continuity and data management compliance.

    • Zwolle

      Direct connectivity to Equinix data centers in Amsterdam and Enschede make Zwolle an ideal backup location.

  • Portugal

    • Lisbon

      Strategically located near subsea cables connecting the Iberian Peninsula, Africa and South America. Host to a growing ecosystem of cloud and network service providers.

  • Poland

    • Warsaw

      Business capital of Poland and Eastern Europe's second-largest economy, our Warsaw data centers are a strategic gateway connecting east and west.

  • Spain

    • Barcelona

      Renowned innovation hub and an important connection between the Iberian Peninsula, Africa and the Middle East.

    • Madrid

      The most connected city in the Iberian region with a vibrant ecosystem of cloud, network service providers and large enterprises.

    • Seville

      An important commercial center for Southern Spain with subsea connectivity to Morocco and the Canary Islands.

  • Sweden

    • Stockholm

      Europe's biggest mobile market and one of the world's most digitally interconnected economies.

  • Switzerland

    • Geneva

      A critical location for multinational corporations and European banks.

    • Zurich

      One of the world's largest financial markets. Centrally and strategically located with access to 80% of Europe within a 30 ms round trip.

  • Turkey

    • Istanbul

      Strategic subsea cable interconnection point connecting Europe and Asia.

  • UAE

    • Abu Dhabi

      Important regional center of commerce and expansion location for domestic and international businesses serving the growing MENA market.

    • Dubai

      Commercial hub for international business in the MENA region and a natural aggregation point for regional and international activity.

  • United Kingdom

    • London

      One of the world's most important financial and business centers, served by excellent communication links and offering unrivaled access to European markets.

    • Manchester

      Fast-growing business center for technology and media, and the most connected city in the U.K. outside London.

  • Oman

    • Muscat

      The Equinix Muscat data center creates a regional interconnection hub with ultralow latencies between global business markets at the heart of the digital ecosystem of Asia, Africa and Europe.