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Equinix interconnects the financial services industry in all leading financial markets worldwide, facilitating proximity hosting and FIX connectivity on a global scale and providing a neutral foundation for online and mobile banking, payments, and insurance systems.

Equinix is home to the largest collection of exchanges and trading platforms, top market data vendors, a myriad of service providers, and hundreds of buy-side and sell-side firms. Together with Equinix’s financial data centers, these form a broad-based marketplace of electronic trading and financial technology services that give you the ability to connect – and adapt – like never before.

The Center of Opportunity

Financial technologies are evolving and converging faster than ever. Regulation and globalization only add to the complexity. For some firms, just keeping up can seem almost impossible. The key to success lies, not just in what you deploy, but where you deploy. Equinix financial data centers can help.

“This sort of environment delivers a speed advantage in the traditional latency sense because of the close proximity of all the various components. However, it also applies in the sense of time to market and agility. If a trading firm identifies a new opportunity, then it has the strongest possible motivation to capitalize on it as quickly as possible, before it is also spotted by the competition.”

- Automated Trader Magazine, Q4 2012 (read the full article here)

Where You Deploy Matters

Location directly affects cost trajectories, system performance and your ability to keep up in the perpetual technology arms race. Why spend resources compiling the finest hardware and software systems only to place them in an isolated facility?

In today’s networked world you need to position your systems for maximum connectivity, performance and agility in order to keep ahead of fast moving trends. With the global network of Equinix data centers you can achieve your proximity hosting requirements.

Inside Equinix you’ll find hundreds of financial firms already deployed among thousands of competing networks, cloud services firms, content owners and many other types of businesses.

And They All Benefit from:

  • Low OpEx in shared infrastructure
  • Super-fast cross connects with flat monthly bandwidth costs
  • 24-48 hour turn-up time for cross-connects
  • Ecosystems of choice for maximum innovation

At Equinix, we see the big picture. Our unique perspective looks at technology from ground up, beyond any single customer’s deployment. And over the years we’ve gained insights and developed tools that no one else can offer. Meet with one of our Solution Architects today and see what opportunities you may be missing.

Regional Finance Solutions – EMEA

Equinix Advanced Financial Services

A Consultancy offering for the trading systems of the Deutsche Börse Group

Optimized Infrastructure for individual trading models

The Equinix Advanced Financial Services team acts in a consulting capacity to the participants of the most important European Trading venues. The focal point is the provision of the optimal infrastructure, taking into account the individual trading models. Hence we differentiate between High Frequency Traders (HFT), for whom latency is of significant importance and Low Frequency Traders (LFT), for whom the minimization of cost and optimum stability of their market presence are the most important priorities.

The Equinix Advanced Financial Services Consultancy offering is available irrespective of whether you are an Equinix Colocation Services customer or otherwise


  • Business Continuity Solutions

    Business Continuity

    Your trading operations are mission critical. So when you experience challenging conditions, it’s critical that you don’t sacrifice – anything.

  • Platform Equinix delivers global reach for businesses

    Global Market Access

    Equinix operates in 32 markets across 15 countries and 5 continents, including strategic locations in all of the top 16 financial markets in the world.

  • Proximity Hosting Solutions

    Whether you're looking to offer proximity hosting to your clients, or looking for proximity to specific venues, you can rely on Equinix for our secure and reliable data center facilities.

  • Equinix Advanced Financial Services

    Advanced Financial Services

    A consultancy offering for the trading systems of the Deutsche Börse Group

In Their Words

“We are constantly increasing volume, expanding across the country, and bringing in new customers. As we do this, we can take advantage of the Equinix global platform which extends across every important metropolitan area around the world. ”

— Jim Bird, CTO, BIDS Trading

    Equinix Customer Success Story: Money Square Japan

    Foreign exchange retail broker Money Square Japan takes advantage of Equinix’s financial ecosystem to provide customers with enhanced user experience and improved trading performance.


    IRESS Case Study (PDF)

    IRESS turns to Equinix for a worldwide rollout that supports business agility, rapid and easy deployment, global operational consistency, and a seamless premium service offering around the world.


    BIDS Trading (PDF)

    Learn how presence inside Equinix helps BIDS Trading grow its business and support record trading volumes while reducing operational costs.


    Boston Options Exchange (PDF)

    When you operate an all-electronic equity options market, security, transaction speed, and the ability to easily connect to other exchanges are paramount to success. These issues were top of mind as Boston Options Exchange (BOX) was evaluating choices for a new data center.

  • Fixnetix Customer Success Story (PDF)

    Equinix has enabled Fixnetix to expand rapidly into growing markets with new exchanges, and offer a suite of innovative products globally.

  • ABN AMRO Clearing Customer Success Story (PDF)

    Equinix delivers a consistent global experience and greater flexibility.

In Their Words

“Our presence in an Equinix data center opens up new geographical and market opportunities for BOX.”

— Alan Grigoletto, Senior Vice President, Boston Options Exchange

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