Enterprise Optimizing your IT infrastructure

Flexible IT - How Carrier Neutral Colocation can Optimize IT Infrastructure

Join Equinix and featured analyst firm Gartner in an informative research webinar discussing how colocation/interconnection service offerings enable enterprises to improve application performance, reduce costs and leverage the hybrid cloud.

To remain competitive, you must be able control infrastructure costs without sacrificing the performance of your WAN and applications.

Platform Equinix is where enterprises and IT performance connect.

The rich ecosystem inside Platform Equinix can help you cost-effectively solve your digital supply-chain challenges:

  • Shift capital infrastructure costs to an operating expense, aggregating or distributing your data center footprint as needed and using low-cost cross connects to reach application and cloud service providers
  • Support your global growth with Equinix’s commitment to capacity expansion and presence in new global markets
  • Improve productivity, reduce downtime, and increase user satisfaction by selecting direct traffic paths
  • Ensure reliability with our fully standards-compliant data centers, featuring comprehensive backup power, network resiliency, and vigilant security

Overcome the security, performance, and compliance hurdles to cloud adoption.

A growing number of the more than 450 leading cloud service providers in Platform Equinix support direct cross connects into their infrastructure from customer deployments. This means you can locate your environments in multiple global locations—near customers and employees—and tie them directly into your global flex-computing, compliant hosting and network service partners.

We get you closer to your users to increase their satisfaction.

Our global footprint in key network traffic hubs and population centers enables you to host your applications closer to end users. Choose from more than 1,000+ networks around the world and an array of interconnection options so you can reduce cost while improving performance.

We get you closer to partners to increase your growth potential.

Leverage best-in-class network and cloud providers to optimize IT performance, simplify your operations, and gain flexibility.

  • Network Performance Hub: Access more than 1,000+ network providers for optimum cost, diversity, performance, and resiliency
  • Application Performance Node: Improve productivity, reduce risk and downtime, and increase user satisfaction by locating applications in proximity to target markets
  • Equinix Marketplace: Rapidly create business value with access to more than 4,500+ potential customers and partners

Leverage our global footprint.

Equinix is the only data center provider offering network choice and global reach. Platform Equinix enables you to rapidly deploy data center operations in 32 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

  • Where global business and growth connect

    Platform Advantages

    Learn how Platform Equinix enables the most progressive businesses to accelerate growth.

  • Equinix vital ecosystems drive business growth

    Vital Ecosystems

    Learn how these unique and robust ecosystems can put you closer to your target markets, customers and partners.

  • IBX Data Centers

    Our world-class data centers deliver performance and reliability without sacrificing flexibility.

  • Platform Equinix delivers global reach for businesses

    Global Reach

    We have the key to reducing latency in your core markets across the globe.


    Equinix Customer Success Story: Marketo

    Innovative marketing automation software leader Marketo raises profit margins and increases end-user application performance more than 20% after moving its SaaS infrastructure to Equinix data centers.

  • File & ServeXpress Case Study

    E-Filing service provider speeds time to production, and delivers secure, high-performance connections through Equinix-Logicworks partnership.

  • Contact Solutions (PDF)

    Contact Solutions creates a tiered architecture across Platform Equinix to obtain performance and cost efficiencies and ensure an optimal customer experience.

  • Katten (PDF)

    Katten, a Chicago-based, full service law firm with 6000 attorneys in offices in the US, Shanghai, and London, use Equinix to deploy critical IT infrastructure to meet the needs of a distributed workforce.

  • Arces Network (PDF)

    Since 2005, Arces has relied on Equinix to provide the quality data centers and wealth of network choice that its customers expect. The relationship proved especially valuable when Sesame Workshop—a long-time Arces client and the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street—approached Arces about supporting a short-term online event.

In Their Words

“While we had to evaluate a few scenarios, we knew we wouldn’t have to worry about facility-related issues because we had already installed Sesame Workshop in an Equinix data center.”

— Adrian Goins, President and CEO, Arces Network

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