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Equinix Data Cemter Solutions for Service Providers

Cirracore Customer Success Story

Colocube relies on Equinix to create unbeatable user experience for its managed cloud services.

Platform Equinix is where IT services and high performance meet.

To reach your revenue goals, you must explore new markets for your IT services and improve overall performance. A global footprint, network density and high performance are the hallmarks of Platform Equinix.

Grow your cloud services & IT services business with Platform Equinix.

Our global footprint and network density make it easy to increase the target markets. Reach and exceed your performance requirements by locating infrastructure closer to customers and technology partners.

  • Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in 32 major business markets across 15 countries and 5 continents
  • Access to more than 975+ public and private networks to optimize service performance and reduce latency
  • Specialized exchanges for Internet, Ethernet and mobility
  • On-demand access to the space, power and network connectivity needed to scale cloud services and IT services and grow revenue streams
  • Direct access to a complete cloud services ecosystem for rapid integration of services, technologies and customer opportunities, including more than 450+ cloud and 500 IT service providers
  • Access to the Equinix Marketplace to market your services to more than 4,500+ enterprises and financial, network and content companies

Realize the Platform Equinix advantage.

Platform Equinix eliminates the barriers to the broad adoption of your IT and cloud services.

  • Deploy your IT service infrastructure closer to your customers—enterprises and consumers—in key markets worldwide for optimal performance
  • Ensure reliability, availability, security and service delivery by partnering with the widest choice of networks and managed service providers
  • Easily scale your business to maintain performance levels as your business grows
  • Directly access a large and growing market of enterprise customers in our IBX data centers
  • Optimize product performance, maintain control over your infrastructure and grow your business with Platform Equinix
  • Cloud Services

    Find out how you can turn your service delivery performance into your competitive advantage.

  • IT Services

    The multi-tier architecture of Equinix gives IT Services providers a competitive edge.

In Their Words

“Equinix makes it possible to find economical choices for network connectivity, which helps us contain costs.”

— Jeff Whitehead, CTO, Zetta
  • Foursquare Case Study

    Foursquare doubles database performance and scales for rapid feature and capacity increase—all while keeping costs flat—by migrating from an AWS-only technology platform to a hybrid cloud in Equinix

  • Advantage 24 (PDF)

    Locating its infrastructure in Equinix's data centers enables Advantage 24 to win long-term customers in Japan's competitive market.

  • Badgeville Customer Success Story (PDF)

    Direct connection to the public cloud allows Badgeville to significantly reduce costs while increasing application performance.

  • ReadySpace (PDF)

    ReadySpace, one of the leading cloud and managed hosting providers in Asia, works with
    Equinix to expand in asia through Equinix IBX data centers.

  • Voxel (PDF)

    When more than 1,000 companies rely on you to deliver their Internet applications and keep their IT infrastructure humming, you need a reliable, scalable, high-speed global data center platform. That’s why Voxel first partnered with Equinix ten years ago, and why it recently turned to Equinix again to launch its new innovative VoxCLOUD service offering.

  • Zetta (PDF)

    Zetta needed to find the right data center partner who complemented the enterprise features and security, integrity and performance of Zetta’s award winning enterprise storage on demand offering.

In Their Words

“Equinix makes it possible to find economical choices for network connectivity, which helps us contain costs.”

— Jeff Whitehead, CTO, Zetta

Brochures & Datasheets

  • Cloud Services Brochure (PDF)

    By deploying your cloud infrastructure at Equinix, you can expand rapidly while maintaining superior performance and connectivity.

  • Cloud Ecosystem Brochure (PDF)

    Connect to the right network suppliers, managed services partners, and cloud vendors and minimize time-to-market and total cost of ownership.