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Equinix helps companies accelerate business performance by connecting them to their customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centers. Our London data centers are business hubs for more than 530 companies. Our customers here can choose from a broad range of network services from more than 100 providers. They can also interconnect to customers and partners in their digital supply chain.

Our London data centers, based in prime locations near one of the world’s most important financial centers, are served by excellent communications links and offer unrivalled access to more than 30 European markets and 80 exchanges. The London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges with more than 380 members from 54 countries, is housed in two of Equinix’s data centers here. These Equinix colocation sites are an important part of LINX’s London network and enable LINX to offer a complete range of peering port speeds, ranging from 100Mb to 10Gb.

Today, 25% of European equities trades originate from the Equinix London Slough campus. Globally, more than 60% of volume-driving market makers are Equinix customers, and more than 25 percent of these are based in our London Slough campus.

London Offerings

Our London data centers also offer:

  • Five buildings with 34,000+ square meters (358,000+ square feet) of colocation space Option to interconnect directly to 600 companies colocated with Equinix at this location
  • Dense concentrations of financial services, Internet service providers, cloud and IT services, enterprises and content and digital media companies Connections to 100+ network service providers

London IBX® Benefits

Network Solutions - Equinix data center solutions
International Finance Solutions - Equinix data center solutions
  • Access to U.K. media hubs in Soho and Manchester
  • Home to the country's top five web portals and top five social networks
  • Data center sites strategically located around central London for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • LD4 and LD5 data centers are strategically located in the heart of Europe's largest financial market
  • Scalable technical space, leading operational resiliency and world-class security
  • More than 100 dedicated business continuity trading room positions
  • Home to Europe's largest Multi-Lateral Trading Facility BATS Chi-X
  • London Slough data centers connected by two diverse routes of dark fiber
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How Can We Help?

Tell us more about how we can help you create the perfect solution for your business needs.

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London Metro

Equinix LD1
101 Finsbury Pavement
London U.K. EC2A 1RS

Equinix LD2
Unit 1 Airport Gate Bath Road
Middlesex U.K. UB7 0NA

Equinix LD3
Unit 11 Matrix Coronation Road
London U.K. NW10 7PH

Equinix LD4
2 Buckingham Avenue
Slough Trading Estate

London U.K. SL1 4NB

Equinix LD5
8 Buckingham Avenue
Slough Trading Estate

London U.K. SL1 4AX