The History of Equinix

From the start, we saw our data centers as much more than buildings that offer businesses space, cooling and power. Rather, they were places where the fragmented elements of the early Internet and the companies that forged those elements came together to achieve their greatest business ambitions.

Equinix Milestones Timeline

Then and Now

Today, we know the Internet couldn't exist without global "peering points" where major networks meet to exchange data traffic. But when we incorporated in 1998, networks didn't have a global vision; they were focused on serving regional groups. Equinix gave them a broad platform of neutral places to peer. They were drawn to us, they expanded, and they drew other customers who wanted to access to their bandwidth and the digital highways they were building.

Just as we helped our customers scale to capture the tremendous business opportunities presented by the Internet back then, today we're innovating to help our customers leverage the promise of the interconnected era for maximum success. We're making moves to help enterprises and service providers readily tap into the opportunities created when you interconnect people, locations, clouds and data.

Equinix Interconnection

Our Logo and Tagline

Our logo, "The Fortress," symbolizes a stronghold where assets are both guarded and interconnected. Our tagline, "Where opportunity connects™" represents our dedication to be the place where companies come together to realize new opportunities and accelerate their businesses. Learn more about the Equinix logo and tagline

Equinix Interconnection

Our Name and Milestones

Our founders put a lot of careful thought into the Equinix name, and it still stands for what Equinix has always offered: equal access, neutrality and interconnection. Those values have fueled our success and enabled us to achieve some exciting milestones through the years. Learn more about the Equinix name and company milestones

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As the world’s leading interconnection platform and the most powerful Internet infrastructure system in the world, Equinix has a monumental past, unique culture, and an exciting future.


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